Kenny Pitsgerald
Character Information
Gender: Male
Also known as: Kenneth Pitsgerald
Species: Shape Shifting Fairy with Peanut shell.
Age: Around 12 - 14
Friends: Penny Fitzgerald (Cousin), Berie Cherylberg, Zendaya Serrano, Dora Marquez, Caillou Despetaux, Pingu, Brenna
Enemies: Sims2fan101, Pheobie, Tina & Diesel, Zanetta Serrano(Possibly) Josephine (Possibly), Diego (Possibly)
Relatives: Penny Fitzgerald(Cousin), Veda Fitzgerald (Aunt), Chromasen Fitzgerald (Cousin), Patrick Fitzgerald (Uncle), Funai (Adoptive Cousin), Magnavox (Adoptive Cousin),
Occupation: Troublemaker
First Appearance: Penny & Kenny Trash the house and get Grounded!
Voice: IVONA Brian

Kenny Pitsgerald is one of the Antagonists from Sims2fan101's Goanimate series.

He And Penny have a tendency to cause mischief. He Occasionally gets grounded along with penny.

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